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Mr Mohamed Desoky

Mr Mohamed established Save Time in 2019, selling a system program that manages sales and financial credits of enterprises. He was so focused on his propose as a manager and had such a big view of future marketing. As of today, he’s the co-creditor of the best advertising and management agency.

A 31 years old with a huge life experience and a full knowledge on the advertising and program systems, he believes that the future of the enterprises is the power of the online identity. As Egypt have one of the biggest markets, it can be increased with the correct marketing. Save Time will help you achieve this goal !

Save Time Team

Our team is the most focused and joyful team ever. Always aware of the changes and needs of the market. With us, we will definitely make your dreams come true to win the market.

Save Time Gives you the trust you need.

More views, more sales and online goals wished by all enterprises.

Come and be a part of this new experience!


Package 1

Advertising, sponsorship and photo-shooting are a few of the services that make this package unique for those that want to make their enterprise be seen on social media. Therefore, increasing the number of views and likes.

Package 2

Managing your social media with all the support needed is what make this package special. It has the best advertising, sponsorship, account managing and a very efficient client assistance, for you to reach your goals and maintain existing clients and making new ones.

Package 3

The perfect package for you to reach your company goals and compete fiercely in the market. It provides you a better manager, excellent advertising tools and a marketing strategy that will help you reach more clients and therefore, build a stabilized financial situation.


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