Who are we?

Mr Mohamed desoky

Mr Mohamed Desoky established Save Time in 2019, selling a system program that manages sales and financial position of enterprises. He was so focused on his propose as a manager and had such a big view of the future of marketing. As of today, he’s the founder of the best advertising and management agency.


A 31 years old with a huge life experience and a full knowledge on the advertising and program systems, he believes that the future of the enterprises lies within the power of its online identity. As Egypt have one of the biggest markets, it can be increased with the right marketing. Save Time will help you achieve this

Who We Are?

Our MissioN

We design, plan and execute advanced plans and program systems that increases the easiness in your work environment, brand awareness, social media presence, and ultimately profitability.
We analyze our partner’s business, market, competitors and case study to be able to maximize our potential cooperation. Every client is a special case in its self. It’s a crucial part of our process, to ensure success and sustainable ROI from our partnership.





Our Core Values

Our company values its personnel as we provide them with the perfect working environment for it to reflect on their production. 

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